About the Course

ComedyOnlineCourse.com reads like a dream! It's entertaining, educational, and loaded with informative photos, colorful charts and illustrations, and streaming video clips. Our BMV-approved online Driver Safety Program (DSP) course is easy to use, even if you're not a whiz on the internet. So grab a soda and some snacks—you're sure to enjoy this course!

Throughout the course, you'll learn about:

  • the latest defensive driving tips and strategies
  • safely sharing the road with others
  • Indiana traffic laws
  • handling your vehicle in extreme conditions and different driving environments
  • the dangers of distracted driving
  • crash avoidance techniques
  • OWI prevention

ComedyOnlineCourse.com presents a fun, entertaining, and potentially life-saving traffic safety education program designed and approved to earn an auto insurance discount, to clear points from your record, or to satisfy court-/BMV-required attendance—all while learning great defensive driving techniques!

We also offer a video-based (DVD) course for students who don't have reliable internet access or who would prefer to complete the course in that format.

Point Reduction

The most common reason drivers complete a DSP course is to remove the points associated with a traffic citation ("ticket") from appearing on their Indiana Official Driver Record.

Every moving violation citation issued in Indiana has points associated with it, varying with the severity of the infraction. Fortunately, completing our DSP course can remove points from your record (or provide a cushion against future citations).

The successful completion of a BMV-approved DSP course will apply a four- (4) point credit to the student's Indiana Official Driver Record. The credit may only be applied once every three (3) years; if an additional course is completed, the time period of the credit will be extended for three (3) years from the new course completion date.

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Auto Insurance Discounts

Even if you haven't received a traffic citation, you might be eligible to lower your automobile insurance premiums! Many insurance providers reward policyholders who complete a traffic safety course with lower insurance rates. Defensive drivers are better, safer drivers and reduce the costs of coverage!

Before taking the course voluntarily, drivers should confirm with their insurance provider that the insurer offers this benefit. You might also ask how long the discount is good for and whether you can repeat the course to extend the benefit.

To claim your discount, simply complete the course and submit an official Certificate of Completion directly to your insurance provider. Your agent will be able to tell you how long it will take for your insurer to process your course completion and when your discount will take effect. (Some providers will even apply your reduced rate retroactively!)

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BMV-/Court-Ordered Attendance

Indiana law provides that persons convicted of two (2) or more traffic offenses within a 12-month period may be required to complete a BMV-approved DSP course. Individuals under 21 years of age are required to complete a DSP if they are convicted of two (2) or more traffic offenses, involved in two (2) or more collisions, or a combination of these. Affected motorists will be notified of this requirement by the BMV by mail, and must complete the course within 90 days to avoid having their driving privileges suspended.

Courts may also require DSP course completion as an alternative to a suspension of driving privileges.

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